Contenders and Pretenders- NFL Teams

Here is this week’s Contenders and Pretenders

Patriots: Contenders- Call me biased. But I think if the Pats get in, they can cause serious damage. Hard to call a team with Tom Brady a pretender.

Colts & Saints: Contenders- Do I even have to post this? If a 13-0 team was a pretender then that would be odd.

Bengals: Pretenders- Just don’t see them making it that far into the playoffs. I can see a team like the Patriots or Chargers handling him. Should learn more about them this week vs. San Diego.

Chargers: Contenders- Chargers are good man. Look out for them. They are finally healthy, and have as good as a RB combo as any in the NFL with LT and Darren Sproles.

Steelers: Pretenders- They lost to Cleveland.

Ravens: Contenders- I think they might get a Wild Card spot. They may be dangerous with that defense. I think Ed Reed being hurt has hampered them, along with Terrel Suggs.

Dolphins: Contenders- They beat the Patriots, but lost to the Bills. But Miami can be a tricky team. I think Chad Henne is the real deal. But that defense is not so great.

Jaguars: Prentenders- I just can’t see Jacksonville going any where. Now beat the Colts tonight.

Broncos: Prentenders- They’ll make it. But they won’t beat San Diego or New England in round one. Maybe Cincy, but they’re not going anywhere.

Vikings: ?- Tough one. They are 10-2 and have a great defense, but Brett Favre will screw up sometime, Like in the NFC championship game, just like in 2007.

Packers: Pretenders- They won’t cut it. They’re O-line is killing Aaron Rodgers. No chance.

Eagles: Contenders- I think they got this divison. They can cause some serious damage.

Giants: Contenders- Look out for the G-men. They still have a good defense.

Cowboys: Pretenders- Tony Romo stinks, period.

Falcons: Pretenders- With Ryan and Turner out, Atlanta has problems.


Wild Card: Cardinals- This is a tough team. They beat the Vikings but lost to the 49ers. But they can be a tough playoff opponent.


 Next week: NHL teams



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