NFL Playoffs

Ok, the NFL season is now over for many teams. But not the Patriots, or 11 others. The playoffs begin with Wild Card weekend next week, and here are some playoff matchups.


Saturday 1:00 pm: Jets at Bengals- Bengals trump the Jets. Period. Sanchez will not get it done. And the Bengals did not give away any stradegy Sunday night. I think they will win by at least a touchdown. But don’t tell Rex Ryan, beacuse according to him there “Is a new dynasty in NY”

Saturday 8:00 pm: Eagles at Cowboys- I have a tough time saying that the ‘Boys will beat the Eagles again. But this QB matchup is so confusing. McNabb and Romo can blow it any time. But I think the Cowboys defense is better and they win a tight one.

Sunday 1:00 pm: Ravens at Patriots- It’s gonna be tough without Welker. But I think the Pats can still be dangerous. Edelman looked good Sunday. But this defense is a tough one. Without Welker now, the Ravens defense has it easier. I still think the Pats win a close game without much scoring.

Sunday 4:40 pm: Packers at Cardinals- This matchup intrigues me the most. Either of these teams can win the Super Bowl. I say the Packers pull it out though. Aaron Rodgers has impressed me.


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