10 Thoughts: Red Sox

Thought #1: I love the offense. It is so deep at the bottom of the order. When you have JD Drew batting eighth, you are in good shape.

Thought #2: The Red Sox signed a guy named Boof. That can’t be a good thing.

Thought #3: I am exited about the personality on the team this year. Adding a guy like John Lackey is very helpfull for that. The team is too boring, with Ellsbury, Drew, Lester, etc. Now you have personalites like Pedroia, Ortiz, Papelbon, Lackey. They need that, I think.

Thought #4: The Washington Nationals will have a better record than the New York Mets. They have better pitching, other than Santana, but he’s injury prone anyways.

Thought #5: The Orioles will be out of the cellar this season. The Blue Jays will take their place.

Thought #6: Daniel Bard is changing his number from 60 to 51. I don’t get why. I can understand Ellsbury with 46 and 2, that is a drastic difference. But 51? Really? Is that any better than 60? Fun fact: The last Red Sox player to wear #51 was Enrique Gonzalez.

Thought #7: I like Tim Wakefield’s competitive attitude. He expects to start the season in the rotation, and we all know that’s not happening. But I love the competitvness.

Thought #8: I can not believe that Randy Winn is the starting LF for the Yankees.

Thought #9: It is kind of weird having Lackey, though. I always hated him when he was with the Angels. He was always an annoying loudmouth when it came to the Red Sox. And he nearly no-hit them, which is one of my worst fears. So it’s odd rooting for him, but I’m fine with it.

Thought #10: I can’t think of anything else, so go to BestBostonSports.com for Red Sox coverage all season! Spring Training game preveiws are already up!



  1. irishsoxkid19

    I think any team can have a better record than the Mets at this point. They practically have NOTHING!! As for uniform changes, that’s nothing new. Ellsbury had to set the trend I guess!! Looking forward to watching Boston beat the Yankees this year!!

  2. TotalBases

    Yeah, I agree on the Mets. I just love bashing them! I heard Pedroia wanted to get #2 when it became available, but Ellsbury took it first.

  3. wssoxfan

    dude. i do admire your optimism about this offense. problem is the only people i’ve heard that agree with you are theo and tito! seriously though. JD is an excellent 8th place hitter BUT let’s be realistic. he’s not ( if he in fact does ) hitting eighth due to the depth of the lineup. he’s hitting eighth because cameron, scutaro, and beltre historically don’t hit for much average and don’t draw a lot of walks. i.e. low OBP. if you batted those three consecutively turning the lineup over regularly would be really next to impossible. batting JD 8th simply improves that possibility and will limit the 3 ups and 3 downs from those spots. i do agree with ya on the O’s. the nat’s, i don’t know. should be a pretty good race with them and the mets. as i said before i like the lackey deal as long as it doesn’t prevent them from re-upping beckett. if they essentially chose lackey long term over beck then i will have lost all faith in this front office. i agree on wake as well. he’s a great guy and good to have available if you need him but barring injury he’s not in the opening day rotation. as for winn starting for the yankees. i’m glad they went that way is all i can say. i don’t get it. i thought they would cave for damon or maybe go after dye. at least there is one soft spot in that lineup now.

  4. TotalBases

    Funny, a guy named Winn has never played a postseason game. But yeah, I was very surprised to see the Yankees walk away from Damon like that. Knowing them, they are probably saving up for Crawford. I think Drew batting 8th does serve to the lineups depth. It’s good too have an OBP guy in the bottom of the lineup with Pedroia and Victor to drive them in later. I’m not saying that the Nats will be good, just better than the Mets.

  5. raysrenegade

    If reliever Joe Nelson makes the team you will hear a lot of talk about his “Vulcan” pitch. Plus if Brian Shouse get a roster spot, the Boston fans can redo the http://www.brainshousefanclub.com website (lol).
    As for Boof, he is a St. Petersburg guy, and just had a bad year in 2009. He could be a nice long innings guy if he is healed.
    And do not discount Randy Winn. People forget he was traded to Seattle so Tampa Bay could get a chance with Lou Pineilla, and also he can still hit and run, and is a huge upside to that Johnny guy that sat there in 2009.
    One last thing, do not discount Toronto’s pitching. They got the primo pitching prospect from Philly, and he is ready. Plus they have two starters coming back that were injured for the entire 2009 season…Baltimore and Toronto will fight it out for the cellar, but I think Canada gets the win this time.

    Rays Renegade


  6. wssoxfan

    you do realize that hitting behind beltre and cameron JD is going to be hitting with the bases empty quite a bit? i mean he has never been a huge run producer anyway but figures to be even less hitting behind those 2. you’re right it is good to have a high OBP guy in that spot and that was kinda my point. he’s hitting there because none of the other 3 ( cam., beltre, scutaro ) can be counted on to do that consistently. not historically anyway. you are probably right about the yank’s and crawford. honestly though my dog could play LF and bat 9th for them and it wouldn’t really matter much.

  7. TotalBases

    Boof could eat innings in the bullpen, which the Red Sox could use. I really hate their bullepn this year. We’ll see about Nelson and Shouse. I always liked Nelson when he was on the Rays, before he was DFA’ed. I hate Toronto’s pitching without Halladay. I did not think Drabek was ready though. Shawm Marcum is coming off Tommy John surgery, I like Brett Cecil, but he got shelled a few times. Dustin McGowan is, meh, ok I guess. I don’t know, I never liked their pitching to begin with and now with Halladay gone… Like I said, I don’t know.
    I agree, Cameron and Beltre are not OBP guys. But they’ll be hitting home runs, so that’s fine by me. Scutaro would have batted ninth anyways. Crawford would not be hitting ninth for the Yanks, but I see your point there.

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