And People Wonder why the Olympics drew higher ratings…..

Today the NHL sent a message to the players. It’s ok to try to hurt someone. On Sunday the Penguins Matt Cooke knocked the Bruins Marc Savard unconcsious on ablindside hit from the behind. The punishment? Nothing. Disgusting. The same thing happned in November when Mike Richards took out David Booth. Both players where given concussions. Booth missed 45 games and missed the Olympics for team USA. Savard has so far missed only one game but will likley not see the ice again until next season. These are brain injuries. That is an internal organ. When that is injured, it threatens the player’s and persons career and health. But that’s ok. It’s legal. As long as it’s a shoulder and not an elbow. The fact Cooke was not suspended is inexcusable. He pretty much admitted it was intentional when he said he was nearly hit the same way. So that makes it ok? Beacuse you almost got hit, it’s fine to knock a player out? I know many people want Sidney Crosby hurt now, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Now would “leagaly” hitting Cooke be wrong? Not from where I stand. Colin Campbell brought it too this. If Cooke is hurt Thursday in Boston, Campbell will have a lot of problems. It’s sickining this has to even be part of a great sport. You never see this in the Olympics. Then again, you don’t see players like Cooke in the Olympics. If you are so bad the only way you can win is by hurting other people, you don’t belong in a professional sport. This is a game. A game. And you have people seriously hurt for wanthing to play a game. It’s really pathetic something wasn’t done about this. If doing that was not worth a suspension, I’m scared to see what is.

Since 2007-2008, there have been 6,000 to 7,000 body checks. There have been 200 reported concussions. That is 200 people who have their health in danger. And the NHL is fine with it. I hope Cooke grows eyes in the back of his head before March 18, for his sake.


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