Contenders and Pretneders: AL East

Here we go:


Red Sox: Contenders

I like the team they have. They are scoring as I thought they would, and their bullpen is getting the job done for the most part. If Beckett can return and give you number three stuff, thats one solid rotation.


Yankees: Contenders:

A very solid team that is aging, reminds me a bit of the Celtics. They need Teixiera to heat up if they want to go anywhere though. Their bullpen is better than the Red Sox, and so far the rotation has been too. They just need consistency.

Rays: ?

Hard to say, they looked great to start the season. But with Boston and New York on their heals, they cannot afford any letups by their pitching, or injuries. Their offense is not as good as the other two teams, especally with Jason Bartlett out. Longoria, Crawford, and Zovrist are their only real options for offense with Upton and Pena slumping. Their bottom of the order is horrendous with Rodriguez and Brieniac. Do they scare anyone?


Blue Jays: pretenders

They ain’t going nowhere, not enough pitching




  1. wssoxfan

    gotta give you your props. the offense, thus far, has been way better than i expected. i’m not sure papi and youk can do what they did in may ( esp papi ) for the remainder of the year but anywhere close and they should be able to at least hang within shouting distance. pedey has to hit better and a healthy ells leading off wouldn’t hurt either. with the start they had can’t really complain too much. still cannot believe they have lost 9 games to the o’s and KC combined though. ouch! oh and lackey REALLY needs to step it up as well. he’s looked like the bad dice-k for the most part. although dice i think has surprised a lot of folks. he’s had a couple of bad ones but when he’s on he’s been really economical for a change.

  2. TotalBases

    I’m glad to see you didn’t jump off a bridge, I was afraid you did 😉
    I liked the offense going into the season, but I figured Ellsbury and Cameron would be a big part of it, I could of never projected the offense from hermida, Hall, or McDonald. I think Youk will stay hot, as well as VMart. Papi had a great month, but I don’t know if AL pitchers will again adjust to pitching to him, so that should be interesting to see.
    Ugh, Lackey has been bad of late. Dice-k has stepped up and cooroperated lately, pitching gems vs Philly, Oakland, and Cleveland, though that KC stinker still leaves a black mark. We’ll see, this should be a very interesting and fun race to follow.

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