Spring Training

Hello baseball fans, Total Bases is back just in time for the season! I will be in spring training to bring you all the up to date news of the GrapeFruit league, so stay tuned!

MLB News and Notes:

* Those comments by Hank Steinbrenner were unwaranted. Who cares about what Derek Jeter does in the offseason? I mean, your team got to the ALCS, how were they not focused? If Mark Teixera didn’t get hurt, you might have gone to the World Series.

* Don’t overlook the Oakland Athletics. They have a terrific pitching staff and I think their offense is improved. I am a big fan of Cliff Pennington and Daric Barton, plaus Kurt Suzuki, Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham should all help.

* Another team to watch in spring training is the Chicago White Sox. I also have a great feeling about them, with their pitching and I think Adam Dunn helps Paul Konerko a lot.

* We refuse to talk about Albert Pujols.

* I would like Tampa Bay if they had a bullpen. Their starting pitchers are awesome, and offense should be decent but other than JP Howell and Jake McGee they got nothing.



  1. greg1969

    Are you still discussing (in detail or in passing) the NBA and other sports? What is your take on the Kendrick Perkins move? That made NO sense to me.
    I think the Rays are going to be underrated this year, and they are reloading. They’ll be back. But I don’t understand why they let Dan Wheeler get away, for the reason you mentioned– their BP is decimated, and they’d be much better with at least SOME of the BP intact.

  2. TotalBases

    Hi Greg- yes I will be writing here about everything, rather soon. I have been busy with my site inlaxwetrust.com which is now on SBNation, covering professional lacrosse. But yeah, I will be writing about the Perk trade, thanks for commenting!

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