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10 Thoughts: Celtics

Here are my 10 thoughts on the Boston Celtics.

Thought #1: I like Nate Robinson, but I hate giving up Eddie House. Robinson brings energy, but House did too. When Rajon Rondo commented on the “other ajendas” you knew Eddie was not one of them.

Thought #2: Rasheed Wallace is not working out. I hated the signing to begin with, and I’m proven right again.

Thought #3: The Ray Allen trade rumors defanetly got to his head. He has been on fire since the deadline.

Thought #4: KG looks so much healthier latley. He’s doing all-oops, which is a good sign.

Thought #5: Rondo is awesome.

Thought #6: Fun fact: Stephon Marbury is now playing in China.

Thought #7: Goodbye JR Giddens and Bill Walker. I don’t know how we’ll survive without you.

Thought #8: I miss Eddie House!

Thought #9: I was glad to see Pierce win the three point contest. After the H-O-R-S-E contest, I don’t see how Rondo didn’t make it!

Thought #10: Come to BestBostonSports all season long for Celtics coverage!

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10 Thoughts: Yankees

I thought I would continue my 10 thoughts series with the hated Yankees. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to Boston teams soon with the Celtics.

10 Thoughts: Yankees

Thought #1: Prediction: Javier Vazquez does not even make the Yankees postseason rotation.

Thought #2: Notice how I just assume they are in the postseason?

Thought #3: As I stated before. Randy Winn…. Wow

Thought #4: It makes me laugh every time I read about the “Joba rules”. It is so stupid. Why does he have to have certain rules? He’s a pitcher, just like CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Phil Hughes.

Thought #5: So the Yankees finally gave up on Ian Kennady. About time. Kei Igawa is next.

Thought #6: Is Nick Swisher their starting RF? He had a good season in 2009, but I would not expect a repeat of that. Amazing, most of his HRs came on the road!

Thought #7: AJ Burnett has a sick curveball. I sat behind the plate at a Red Sox-Jays game in 2008, and wow does he have a curve!

Thought #8: I was so bummed when the Yankees got Granderson. He is such a good player. They gave up Jackson, their top prospect, but Granderson is damn good!

Thought #9: Fun fact: The Yankees top prospect is C Jesus Montero.

Thought #10: I hate the Yankees.

10 Thoughts: Red Sox

Thought #1: I love the offense. It is so deep at the bottom of the order. When you have JD Drew batting eighth, you are in good shape.

Thought #2: The Red Sox signed a guy named Boof. That can’t be a good thing.

Thought #3: I am exited about the personality on the team this year. Adding a guy like John Lackey is very helpfull for that. The team is too boring, with Ellsbury, Drew, Lester, etc. Now you have personalites like Pedroia, Ortiz, Papelbon, Lackey. They need that, I think.

Thought #4: The Washington Nationals will have a better record than the New York Mets. They have better pitching, other than Santana, but he’s injury prone anyways.

Thought #5: The Orioles will be out of the cellar this season. The Blue Jays will take their place.

Thought #6: Daniel Bard is changing his number from 60 to 51. I don’t get why. I can understand Ellsbury with 46 and 2, that is a drastic difference. But 51? Really? Is that any better than 60? Fun fact: The last Red Sox player to wear #51 was Enrique Gonzalez.

Thought #7: I like Tim Wakefield’s competitive attitude. He expects to start the season in the rotation, and we all know that’s not happening. But I love the competitvness.

Thought #8: I can not believe that Randy Winn is the starting LF for the Yankees.

Thought #9: It is kind of weird having Lackey, though. I always hated him when he was with the Angels. He was always an annoying loudmouth when it came to the Red Sox. And he nearly no-hit them, which is one of my worst fears. So it’s odd rooting for him, but I’m fine with it.

Thought #10: I can’t think of anything else, so go to BestBostonSports.com for Red Sox coverage all season! Spring Training game preveiws are already up!