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Mailbag and Recap, all in one!


Q: Do you think the Red Sox will be as good as last year?

– Bree (via BBS.com)

A: Better. I love the Red Sox’s depth, more than any other team. If a guy like Ellsbury or Youkilis goes down the Sox are still a playoff contender. If Evan Longoria or Carl Crawford go out, forget about it. The pitching is by far thye best, and the offense is as good as anyone, (except New York) in my opinion.

Q: Could Mark Savard be having a more unlucky year ???


A: Probally not. It’s too bad the Bruins did not retailiate on Cooke Thursday night, they should have. This hurts the Bruins so much, who I think have been playing great. The Bergeron-Recchi-Sturm line is fantastic, and Blake Wheeler looks like he did at the begining of last season. If they had Savard, I could see a serious playoff run. But things look much more bleak now. The NHL is making a new head-shots rule, but it might be too little too late. The hit on Seabrook of Chicago was horrible, as well as Ovechikin’s on Campbell (ironic name).


Friday Recap:

The Celtics beat the Rockets, 94-87. Pierce had 26 points. The Celtics take on the Mavericks tonight in Dallas at 9pm.

The Red Sox lost to the Pirates, 9-7. I was at this game, right behind the on-deck circle. I got autographs from Chuck Tanner and Ron Johnson. David Ortiz hit a two run shot off Paul Maholm. I am in Dunedin tomorrow to see the Sox take on the Jays,

The Flames beat the Sharks, 4-3. The Sharks scored twice in the final two minutes, but the Flames held on to stay tied for the eight seed with Detroit.

The Oilers beat the Redwings, 3-2. Detroit remains in the playoffs by gaining the point in the SO, with the Flames still behind them. Deven Dubynk got his first career win in net for Edmonton.

News and Notes: Yesterday on WEEI’s Dale and Holley, the Bruins Shawn Thornton said he would have liked to knock out Cooke in their fight. I would have liked that too, Shawn.

Ryan Westmoreland has been moved from ICU to NRU in his recovery from brain surgery.

The Red Sox signed Alan Embree.



10 Thoughts: Bruins

Just thought I’d give you a Bruins update during the break.

Thought #1: I am bored to death. I love the Olympic hockey, but I miss the Bruins. March 2 is circled on my calender.

Thought #2: Patrice Bergeron should be on the top line on Canada. He won two key faceoffs for Canada, and they would not even use him on the top line. They could use him up there, he is being wasted on the fourth line.

Thought #3: I can also not wait for March 4. I want to see someone nail Phil Kessel, kind of like this:


Thought #4: Marc Savard is so valuble to this team. They where so terrible without him, and I know that horrendous streak continued with his return to the lineup, but they looked better the second he stepped outonto the ice in Buffalo. Thank goodness they signed him for seven years.


Thought #5: Marc Savard needs a scorer. Daniel Paille is a good player, but he does not have the hands to finish. He replaced Chuck Kobasew, and would you want Kobasew on the top unit? That solves it right there.

Thought #6: I do not get the defenseman trade rumors. Johnny Boychuk and Mark Stuart are coming back. They will have an extra defenseman as it is. I don’t see why they need one, unless they are getting Chris Pronger or Niclas Lidstrom, and we know that is not happening.

Thought #7: What the hell happened to the Detroit Red Wings?

Thought #8: Bruins fight, they win. Blake Wheeler(!) fought a Montreal guy, they won. Thornton fought a Buffalo dude, they won. Thornton beat up a Tampa gut, they win. McQuaid fights some dude on Florida, they win. The Bruins kick butt when they are phsyicsl. They need to play with some emotion.


Thought #9: Did I mention I can not wait for the Bruins to start up again?

Thoguht #10: Dennis Wideman sucks.