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Type A’s and B;s

Here is all the type A and B players, who can be offered Arbitration today.

Type As: Bengie Molina SFG  Billy Wagner  BOS  Chone Figgins LAA  Darren Oliver LAA  Jason Bay BOS Jermaine Dye CWS  John Lackey LAA  Johnny Damon NYY  Jose Valverade HOU  Kevin Gregg CHC  LaTroy Hawkins HOU  Marco Scutaro TOR  Randy Wolf LAD  Matt Holliday STL  Miguel Tejada HOU  Mike Gonzalez ATL  Octavio Dotel CWS  Orlando Cabrera MIN  Orlando Hudson LAD  Placido Polonco DET  Rafeal Betancourt COL  Rafeal Soriano ATL 

Type Bs: Adam LaRouche PIT  Adrian Beltre SEA  Andy Pettitte NYY  Bob Howry SFG  Brandon Looper MIL  Brandon Lyon DET  Brain Giles SDP  Brain Shouse TBR  Carl Pavano MIN  Carlos Delgado NYM  Chan Ho Park PHI  David Weathers MIL  Doug Brocail  HOU  Doug Davis ARI  Erik Bedard SEA  Felipe Lopez  MIL  Fernando Rodney DET  Fernando Tatis NYM  Garret Anderson ATL  Greg Zaun TBR  Ivan Rodriguez TEX  Jason Kendell MIL  Jason Marquis COL  Joe Beimial COL  Joel Pinero STL  Jon Garland LAD  Justin Duchester OAK  Mark DeRosa STL  Marlon Byrd TEX  MFelvin Mora BAL  Miguel Olivo KCR  Mike Cameron SEA  Nick Johnson FLA  Randy Johnson  SFG  Randy Winn SFG  RIch Harden CHC Rod Barjas TOR  Ronnie Belliard LAD  Russ Springer TBR  Scott Eyre PHI  Tory Glaus STL  Vincente Padilla LAD  Vladimir Gurerro LAA  Xavier Nady NYY  Yorvit Torrealba COL


Highest Paid Players in Baseball

First thought is Yankees, right? Right.

Alex Rodriguez NYY $275,000,000

Derek Jeter NYY  $189,000,000

Mark Teixeira NYY  $180,000,000

CC Sabathia NYY  $161,000,000

No shockers there. But you may not know the rest of them.

Miguel Cabrera DET $152,300,000   

Todd Helton COL $141,500,000

Johan Sanatna NYM $137,500,000

Alfonso Soriano CHC $136,000,000

Vernon Wells TOR $126,000,000

Barry Zito SFG $126,000,000

Carlos Beltran NYM $119,000,000

Intersting names, huh? Also interesting that there are no Red Sox up here. What that tells me, is that the Red Sox do not pay for big time names, and the Yankees do. And that’s why they are World Champs.

MLB Offseason Calender

This is the MLB Offseason Calender at Total Bases.


Nov. 16 — AL and NL Rookie of the Year Award winners announced

Nov. 17 — AL Cy Young Award winner announced

Nov. 18 — AL and NL Manager of the Year Award winners announced

Nov. 18-19 — MLB owners meetings, Chicago

Nov. 19 — AL Cy Young Award winner announced

Nov. 20 — Free agency opens

Nov. 20 — Reserve lists for all major and minor League levels filed.

Nov. 23 — AL MVP winner announced

Nov. 24 — NL MVP winner announced

Nov. 30 — Players union executive board meeting, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Dec. 1 — Last day for teams to offer salary arbitration to their former players who became free agents.

Dec. 7 — Last day for free agents offered salary arbitration to accept the offers.

Dec. 7-10 — Winter meetings, Indianapolis.

Dec. 10 — Major League Rule 5 Draft

Dec. 12 — Last day for teams to offer 2010 contracts to unsigned players.


Jan 5-15 — Salary arbitration filing.

Jan. 19 — Exchange of salary arbitration figures.

Feb. 1-21 — Salary arbitration hearings.

March 2-11 — Teams may renew contracts of unsigned players.

March 17- Last day to place a player on unconditional release waivers and pay 30 days termination pay instead of 45 days.

March 31 — Last day to request unconditional release waivers on a player without having to pay his full 2008 salary.

April 4 — Opening day, active rosters reduced to 25 players.

July 13 — All-Star Game, Anaheim, Calif.

July 25 — Hall of Fame inductions, Cooperstown, N.Y.

July 31 — Last day to trade a player without securing waivers.

Aug. 15 — Last day to sign selections from 2010 amateur draft who have not exhausted college eligibility.

Sept. 1 — Active rosters expand to 40 players.

November — Free agent filing period, first 15 days after World Series ends.

Dec. 4-7 — Winter meetings, Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Dec. 12 — Last day for teams to offer 2011 contracts to unsigned players.

MLB Off-Season Moves

Here is every off-season transaction so far. I will update this for every transaction.

Red Sox

Traded Hunter Jones and Jose Alverez for Jeremy Hermida

Declined Alex Gonzalez’s option

Re-signed Tim Wakefield

Picked up Victor Martinez’s option

Declined Jason Varitek’s option

Signed Marco Scutaro


Re-signed Gabe Kapler

Traded Akonori Iwamora for Jessse Chavez

Picked up Carl Crawford’s option

Declined Gregg Zaun’s option

Declined Brian Shouse’s option

Traded for Kelly Shoppach


Aquired Jake Fox and Aaron Miles


Re-signed Bobby Abreu


Re-signed Geoff Blum

Declined Doug Brocial’s option

Blue Jays

Claimed Jarret Hoffpauer off waivers

Claimed Sean Henn off waivers

Lost Joe Inglett to waivers

Signed Alex Gonzalez


Traded JJ Hardy for Carlos Gomez

Signed Greg Zaun


Signed Scott Procter

Extended Tim Hudson

Signed Billy Wagner

Signed Takashi Saito


Picked up Brandon Webb’s option

Declined Chad Tracey’s option


Declined Jon Garland’s option

Manny Rameriz picks up his player option


Re-signed Freddy Sanchez


Claimed Yusmiero Petitt off waivers

Extended Jack Wilson

Signed Chone Figgins


Traded Jeremy Hermida for Hunter Jones and Jose Alverez

Declined option on Ross Gload


Declined JJ Putz’s option


Claimed Doug Slaton off waivers

Declined option on Austin Kearns


Picked up Cliff Lee’s option

Decline Pedro Feliz’s option

Signed Placido Polonco


Traded Jesse Chavez for Akonori Iwamora


Released Jason Grilli

Claimed Joe Inglett off waivers


Re-signed Matt Belise and Randy Flores

Decline option on Yorvitt Torrealba

Decline option on Alan Embree


Traded Mark Teahen for Chris Getz and Josh Fields


Traded Carlos Gomez for JJ Hardy

Picked up Micheal Cuddeyer’s option

White Sox

Traded Chris Getz and Josh Feilds for Mark Teahen

Declined Jermaine Dye’s option

Re-sgned Mark Kotsay



MLB News and Rumors- 10/22

Multiple teams are interested in trading for Milton Bradley, including the Rays, Giants, and Padres.

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein said in an interveiw that he thinks JD Drew has been worth “A tick for than $14 mm”

Red Sox assistent GM Jed Hoyer is likley to take the Padres GM job.

The Braves are not likley to keep Rafeal Soriano and Mike Gonzalez.

Albert Pujols had surgery on his elbow for the second off-season in a row.

The Giants are on the verge of signing prospect Wagner Maeto.

MLB News and Rumors- 10/17

Here are today’s News and Rumors.

The Brewers and Reds compleated August’s David Weathers trade, with the Reds getting cash.

The Chicago Cubs released OF So Taguchi. He hit .248 in Triple-A Iowa last season.

The Dodgers declined their club option on RP Will Ohman.

The Red Sox’s Billy Trabor is a minor league free agent, along with the Rockie’s Adam Eaton.

The Red Sox signed Reynoldo Rodriguez of the Golden Baseball League.


A waiver is permission from other clubs to trade or assign a Major League player’s contract. A waiver request is filed through the Commissioner’s Office and granted for a limited time period.

There are four types of waivers: 1) unconditional release waivers, 2) outright waivers, 3) optional waivers, and 4) trade assignment waivers.

Unconditional Release Waivers
A club that wishes to release a player places him on unconditional release waivers. He then may be claimed for $1, but the player has five days to choose whether to accept it or refuse the claim and become a free agent. If the player rejects the claim, he become a free agent and forfeits the remaining money due on his contract. If the player accepts the claim, the new team pays him under the contract he signed with his former team. If no team claims the player, he becomes a free agent.

Irrevocable Outright Waivers
A club that wishes to remove a player from its 40-man roster but keep him in its minor-league system must first place him on outright or special waivers. Outright waivers are not revocable, so a player claimed on outright waivers may not be pulled back by his original club. A club may not request outright waivers on a player with a complete no-trade clause or on a player ten-and-five rights.

Through 2006, outright waivers secured between September 1 and 30th day of the next season were known as Special Waivers. The owners and players eliminated Special Waivers in the 2007-2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Optional Waivers
Optional major league waivers are required when optioning a player who has options remaining but who is more than three calendar years removed from his first appearance on a Major League roster. Because optional waivers are revocable, players usually clear in this scenario.

Trade Assignment Waivers
Trade assignment waivers are utilized in August as a means to gauge trade interest. Between August 1 and the end of the season, a player may not be traded without first clearing trade assignment Major League waivers. If the player is not claimed within 47 business-day hours, he may be traded to any club. If the player is claimed by another club, the request may be revoked, allowing his current club to pull him back. However, the player’s current club also may 1) work out a trade with the claiming club within 48 ½ business-day hours, or 2) elect to allow the claiming club to take the player for a $20,000 fee and assume responsibility for his current contract. If more than one club claims a player, the club with the lower winning percentage has priority, but American League clubs have priority for AL players, and National League clubs have priority for NL players. Once a player on major league waivers has been claimed and the waiver request revoked, any subsequent request for major league waivers during the same waiver period is irrevocable. A player with a no-trade clause who is claimed on Major League waivers must be pulled back if the player’s no-trade clause allows him to block a deal to the claiming club. However, the player may waive the no-trade clause and join the claiming club.

Waiver periods & waiver claim priority

November 11 – April 30 (Nov. 11 – 30th day of the next season)

  • The club with the worst won-loss record in the previous season has priority.

May 1 – July 31 (31st day of the season – July 31)

  • The club with the worst won-loss record in the current season has priority.

August 1 November 10

  • The club with the worst won-loss record in the current season has priority, but American League clubs have priority for AL players, and National League clubs have priority for NL players.