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10 Thoughts: Rays

Thought #1: Who is the Rays closer? Dan Wheeler? Good luck.

Thought #2: Evan Longoria is so good it’s unbelievable.

Thought #3: The Rays window is closing. They will probally lose Carlos Pena and Carl Crwford after the season. But who knows, maybe Beckham and Jennings could step in.

Thought #4: I am very exited to see Wade Davis pitch a full season. Should be interesting to see how he handles the AL East.

Thought #5: Tropicana field is in a terrible location. It really is.

Thought #6: In the infamous Dan Johnson game at Fenway Park in September of 2008, guess who sat next to me? Dick Vitale. He’s like this huge Rays fan. I just about exploded when Jason bay hit that homer off Wheeler, and then Dan (who?) Johnson homered off Papelbon in the ninth. I still hate thinking about it.

Thought #7: Rays will finish in a tight race for third with Baltimore this year. Mark it down.

Thought #8: Dan Johnson. Ugghh.

Thought #9: Those cowbells give me a headache. What are the point in those? To intimadate other fans? Annoying.

Thought #10: I cant’ hear you, I ahve cowbells ringing in my ears.



Red Sox are Crazy

They have to be, if they are looking to deal Jacoby Ellsbury. This kid is good. Guys who can steal 70 bases don’t just grow on trees. This kid is the real deal. He is learning to hit the inside pitch he struggled with, and power will develop. He is fast, a terrific fielder and can hit the ball. He causes a lot of havic out there for pitchers. I belive Ellsbury can turn into and MVP himself someday. But I agree, we do need offense, and I would love Adrian Gonzalez. Just do not trade Ellsbury. (You can join the do not trade Ellsbury movement at BestBostonSports.com) But, if we just traded for Micheal Young we would have offense, and none of this would be a problem.

 What is going on with Jason Bay? Where is the market? Is any team even in on him? But after trading Melky Cabrera, the Yankees need a left fielder. Look out there. But one problem with the Red Sox. If they do somehow retain Bay, where do they put him? What do they do? They’ve commited to Mike Cameron. Again, is Ellsbury the odd man out?

Contenders and Pretenders: MLB Free Agent  Market

Welcome to the first installment of Contenders and Pretenders at Total Bases. Every week we will talk about the teams that are for real in regards to all sports. This week it’s the MLB free agent buyers and sellers.

Red Sox: Contender- I honestly have no clue what the Sox are doing. But I have to put them as a contender for their involvment with the major free agents so far. They are trying to get better, I just think they are not doing it right.

Mariners: Contender- Not for Jason Bay. He’s not going there. Maybe for John lackey, Adrian Gonzalez or Adrian Beltre.

Angels: Pretenders- They will not get Bay or Lackey, I don’t think. They may be sellers with guys like Jaun Rivera and Gary Matthews available.

Yankees: Contenders- Hard to call a team who gets Curtis Granderson a pretender. But I don’t see them doing much more.

Cardinals: Pretenders- They can’t afford Matt Holliday, I don’tsee them doing anything big.


Next week NFL teams- Where do the Patriots rank?

Where’s My Panic Button?!?

Sorry I have not been here in a while, I’ve been too busy trying to find my panic button. What in the world are the Red Sox doing? Jason Bay’s looking for other options, they are trying to trade Mike Lowell, and they want Adrian Beltre? What’s their plan?

 On the Lowell front, this still might not happen. The Texas Rangers are really worried about his thumb. I so hope this deal does not get through, it is so dumb. I like Lowell as our third baseman, his defense is good enough. You can always use him as a platoon DH anyways. And, in case you forgot, this is a contract year! Don’t be surprised if his hip becomes magicly better.

 Red Sox, and Theo Epstein. Just. Sign. Jason. Bay. Just give him what he wants! A fifth year! Load the contract so it pays him now, and decreases later in the contract. Use him as a DH, he can hit! Just sign him before the Angels or Cubs do. Look out for the Cubs in this. They may end up a player in all this.

 Dear Theo, you idiot. You could have ended the revolving door shortstop thing last offseason. But no. You would not pay the money for Micheal Young’s contract, and all year you had to deal with Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie, who is a bench player. If you just got Micheal Young, we would not be in this mess. Instead, we get Marco Scutaro.


Signed, Total Bases.

Winter Meetings

As most of you probally know, the Winter Meetings in Indianappolis begin on Monday. Most of the time little to noting happens, but you never know. Here is a list of what you may see happen this week.

  • Jason Bay’s destanation: I feel that Jason Bay may sign this week, possibly with Boston, Anaheim, or Seattle. I feel the Red Sox LF problem will be resolved, whether that be from Jason Bay or a possible platoon with Jeremy Hermida and Xavier Nady. I feel Bay’s chance of signing with Seattle has dimmed with their siging of Chone Figgins. Look out for the Cubs as a sleeper here as well.
  • Trades? Some players that may be used as a trade chip: Manny Delcarmen, Casey Kotchman, Gary Matthews Jr, Matt Capps, Fransisco Cordero, Heath Bell, Milton Bradley, Pat Burrell, Josh Willingham. The Mets are in on Willingham, the Marlins with Bell and Delcarmen, and you all know the Rays-Bradley rumor by now.
  •  Spenders Revealed: This week the major free agent spenders may be revealed. I can see Seattle, Boston, Both New York teams, Baltimore, and Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are looking for a closer, and their name has been conected to Mike Gonzlaez, matt Capps, and Matt Lindstrom. Baltimore is belived to be a serious contender for John Lackey, and Jason Marquis is interested in the Mets, though it is unknown if the Mets are interested in him.
  • Recent Trades and Signings: Some recent trades and sigings that mey affect other deals: The Rays aquired C Kelly Shoppach, Greg Zaun signed with the Brewers, The Braves signed Billy Wagner and Takashi Saito, The Athletics traded for Jake Fox and Aaron Miles, The Rangers aquired Joe Inglett off waivers, and the Red Sox signed Marco Scutaro.

MLB News and Rumors-12/5

Here ar today’s news and rumors to fill your time while waiting for Florida-Alabama…

  • The Yankees are rumored to possibly cut payroll to $185 mm (Cut?). Of course, rumors are now swirling of a possible Roy Halladay trade. If Halladay where to be traded, I personally can see a trade to New York of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Melky Cabrera, and Jesus Montero, possibly Austin Jackson. What do you think?
  • The Seattle Mariners are on the verge of signing Chone Figgins, a sign that they will not resign Adrian Beltre. But with this signing, could they possibly not be able to afford Jason Bay? As a Sox fan, hopefully.
  • Yesterday Brad Penny turned down a one year offer from the Giants. Dumb. He needs to stay in the NL, he cannot pitch in the AL (Trust me, i would know).
  • The Red Sox signed Marco Scutaro yesterday. I like the move seeing Scutaro can catch a ball. Thrown right at him. Seeing the other options, that’s acceptable. Now sign J-Bay.

Type A’s and B;s

Here is all the type A and B players, who can be offered Arbitration today.

Type As: Bengie Molina SFG  Billy Wagner  BOS  Chone Figgins LAA  Darren Oliver LAA  Jason Bay BOS Jermaine Dye CWS  John Lackey LAA  Johnny Damon NYY  Jose Valverade HOU  Kevin Gregg CHC  LaTroy Hawkins HOU  Marco Scutaro TOR  Randy Wolf LAD  Matt Holliday STL  Miguel Tejada HOU  Mike Gonzalez ATL  Octavio Dotel CWS  Orlando Cabrera MIN  Orlando Hudson LAD  Placido Polonco DET  Rafeal Betancourt COL  Rafeal Soriano ATL 

Type Bs: Adam LaRouche PIT  Adrian Beltre SEA  Andy Pettitte NYY  Bob Howry SFG  Brandon Looper MIL  Brandon Lyon DET  Brain Giles SDP  Brain Shouse TBR  Carl Pavano MIN  Carlos Delgado NYM  Chan Ho Park PHI  David Weathers MIL  Doug Brocail  HOU  Doug Davis ARI  Erik Bedard SEA  Felipe Lopez  MIL  Fernando Rodney DET  Fernando Tatis NYM  Garret Anderson ATL  Greg Zaun TBR  Ivan Rodriguez TEX  Jason Kendell MIL  Jason Marquis COL  Joe Beimial COL  Joel Pinero STL  Jon Garland LAD  Justin Duchester OAK  Mark DeRosa STL  Marlon Byrd TEX  MFelvin Mora BAL  Miguel Olivo KCR  Mike Cameron SEA  Nick Johnson FLA  Randy Johnson  SFG  Randy Winn SFG  RIch Harden CHC Rod Barjas TOR  Ronnie Belliard LAD  Russ Springer TBR  Scott Eyre PHI  Tory Glaus STL  Vincente Padilla LAD  Vladimir Gurerro LAA  Xavier Nady NYY  Yorvit Torrealba COL