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Phillies-Yankees, and Red Sox

As a Red Sox fan, I am really hoping the Phillies win. Really. I hate the Yankees, but if they win I won’t frett. I have said before that I like the way the Yankees spend money, and I wish my Red Sox did. I think the Yankees will have earned it if they win. They spent the money they had and got a former Cy Young award winner, gold glove winner, and strikeout leader. The Red Sox got a guy with shoulder problems, and a 40-something year old. Any guesses on who went to the World Series? Red Sox, stop pretending to be the Minnesota Twins and that you don’t have any money. You do, use it.

In other news, the Red Sox will meet with Josh Beckett to discuss an extension. This could mean the end of the Felix Hernandez rumors. I like Beckett a lot, but I think signing him to a four or five year extension would be dumb. I say leave Beckett as he is, get Hernandez, sign a Rich Harden, Mark Mulder, and have a rotation of Jon Lester-Beckett-Hernandez-Wakefield/Harden/Mudler- Dice-k. I leave Clay Buchholz out beacuse if they get Hernandez, Buchholz will not be in that deal.

I think the Red Sox should keep Alex Gonzalez. I know he won’t hit like he did last year, but they need his defense. Marco Scutaro is not happening. I just don’t see it. I also don’t see Adrian Gonzalez happening. Just does not seem logical to me. Theo Epstein is not one to empty his farm system full of unproven minor leaguers for a proven 40-HRs-a-year-hitter.

Stop with the trade Papelbon talk. Daniel Bard is not ready to be the closer for this team. I think he will be, but not yet. I think Jonathan Papelbon was shaky last year, yes. Too many walks. But he is still one of the best closers in baseball and I would trust him in the ninth inning over anyone in baseball other than Mariano Rivera. And Red Sox, i don’t care what you told him, pick up Billy Wagner’s option. They need bullpen help. Manny Delcarmen is unreliable, and must go. Ramon Rameriz is shaky. Takashi Saito is gone. All you have is Papelbon, Bard, and Okajima. And whatever happened to Javier Lopez? Where is he? What happened to this guy? He was the Red Sox most reliable middle relif pitcher in 2008, and was absolutly terrable, so bad that Jonathan Van Every replaced him in a game. Think about that, Jonathan Van Every, a 30 year old career minor league outfielder, replaced a career pitcher. I would love to know where Lopez went. They could use him.

Red Sox, why don’t you go out there and spend some cash and get a good baseball player?