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Wednesday Sports Recap

The Celtics beat the New York Knicks, 109-97. Paul Pierce led the way with 29 points while KG collected 22.

The Red Sox lost to the Mets, 4-2. John Lackey pitched four shutout innings, but Ramon Rameriz gave up a three run homer. Jonthan Papelbon pitched a scoreless inning.

The New Jersey Devils beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-2. Paul Martin scored in his first game after missing 59.

News and Notes: Bruins-Pens tonight. Should be fun. Scroll down for my game preveiw on that one.

Patrice Bergeron will play tonight after taking a slap shot off the knee in Carolina.

Jed Lowrie has been diagnosed with Mono. He can still do physical activity, but will feel tired and fatigued.

JR Giddens was activated after being out six weeks by the Knicks last night vs his former team, the Celtics.

The Celtics return to action tomorrow vs the Rockets. The Red Sox have an off-day today, but return tomorrow in bradenton to play the Pirates. I’ll be there.


Where’s My Panic Button?!?

Sorry I have not been here in a while, I’ve been too busy trying to find my panic button. What in the world are the Red Sox doing? Jason Bay’s looking for other options, they are trying to trade Mike Lowell, and they want Adrian Beltre? What’s their plan?

 On the Lowell front, this still might not happen. The Texas Rangers are really worried about his thumb. I so hope this deal does not get through, it is so dumb. I like Lowell as our third baseman, his defense is good enough. You can always use him as a platoon DH anyways. And, in case you forgot, this is a contract year! Don’t be surprised if his hip becomes magicly better.

 Red Sox, and Theo Epstein. Just. Sign. Jason. Bay. Just give him what he wants! A fifth year! Load the contract so it pays him now, and decreases later in the contract. Use him as a DH, he can hit! Just sign him before the Angels or Cubs do. Look out for the Cubs in this. They may end up a player in all this.

 Dear Theo, you idiot. You could have ended the revolving door shortstop thing last offseason. But no. You would not pay the money for Micheal Young’s contract, and all year you had to deal with Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie, who is a bench player. If you just got Micheal Young, we would not be in this mess. Instead, we get Marco Scutaro.


Signed, Total Bases.

Dscussion of the Week- What will the Red Sox lineup look like in 2010?

 Here is the Red Sox Opening Day lineup:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury  

2B Dustin Pedroia

 DH David Ortiz

1B Kevin Youkilis

LF Jason Bay

RF JD Drew

3B Mike Lowell

SS Jed Lowrie

C Jason Varitek

P Josh Beckett

Here is the lineup on the last game of the season, the last game of the ALDS.

CF Ellsbury

2B Pedroia

C Victor Martinez

1B Youkilis

DH Ortiz

LF Bay

3B Lowell

RF Drew

SS Alex Gonzalez

P Jon Lester

Slight difference, eh? Teams change over the course of a season, and boy did the Red Sox! I was wondering what you Total Bases readers think the Red Sox roster will look like at the begenning of 2010. Wiil Bay be the starting LF? Who will be SS? Who will be the opening day pitcher, Beckett or Lester? You guys tell me.