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Total Bases Mailbag: 1

Hello Total Bases veiwers, and welcome to the first and much anticapted Total Bases mailbag!

Q: Is this the last year that Garnet, Peirce and Ray Allen stay together? It seems that age is starting to take it’s toll on the team. Also, Where would you rather have Victor: first or at catcher?
– Indians

A: Hello Indains, thank you for your questions! Yes, I would expect this is the last year of the big three. Allen was in trade rumors this deadline, and with his money coming of the books with players like Wade and Bosh avaliable. The Celtics do look very old as of late. I think Rasheed Wallace is a huge problem for this team, and I never wanted him here.

I would rather have Victor at catcher, mostly beacuse the Sox have Youkilis at first. He could play third, but that would mean they would have Varitek as a starter. Having Beltre in the lineup much improves the team compared to V-Tek. I also don’t think Victor’s defense is that terrible. He can catch Wake’s knuckleball, and has helped Buchholz a lot with his development.

Q: Does it worry you that the Celtics split with the Cavs, got swept by the Hawks, and lost the season series to the Magic this year? And also, how old do you think Mike Lowell will be when he retires? The guy is a horse.


A: It worries me a lot. The Hawks are a great team, and I can easily see them go all the way. The Celtics are an old team at this point. They are still one of the best teams in the NBA, but they could struggle with a team like Miami or Charlote in the playoffs. Hell, they lost to the Nets yesterday!

Mike Lowell is 36 right now. I can see him play two or three more years, maybe more. I still think he is a productive player, and I would love to see a Lowell/Ortiz platoon for DH. I don’t think his defense is that bad right now either. He has lost a little range, and that hip is a concern, but he can still get to most balls.

Thank you everybody who answered questions! The next mailbag will be Sunday, and you can submit questions on this post or on the BestBostonSports.com Message Boards. On Wednesday I will have a live post for the NHL trading deadline, and anyone is welcome to add their imut there as well. Thanks again, everybody!


10 Thoughts: Celtics

Here are my 10 thoughts on the Boston Celtics.

Thought #1: I like Nate Robinson, but I hate giving up Eddie House. Robinson brings energy, but House did too. When Rajon Rondo commented on the “other ajendas” you knew Eddie was not one of them.

Thought #2: Rasheed Wallace is not working out. I hated the signing to begin with, and I’m proven right again.

Thought #3: The Ray Allen trade rumors defanetly got to his head. He has been on fire since the deadline.

Thought #4: KG looks so much healthier latley. He’s doing all-oops, which is a good sign.

Thought #5: Rondo is awesome.

Thought #6: Fun fact: Stephon Marbury is now playing in China.

Thought #7: Goodbye JR Giddens and Bill Walker. I don’t know how we’ll survive without you.

Thought #8: I miss Eddie House!

Thought #9: I was glad to see Pierce win the three point contest. After the H-O-R-S-E contest, I don’t see how Rondo didn’t make it!

Thought #10: Come to BestBostonSports all season long for Celtics coverage!

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Total Bases Mailbag

Welcome to the first edition of the Total Bases Mailbag! Here I will answer all your questions on the Red Sox, Pawsox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, MLB, MILB, NFL, NHL, or NBA. To submit your question or comment, comment on this post or on the Mailbag thread on the BestBostonSports Message Boards, which is on the Home Page. You can ask as many questions as you want, so long as they are relavant to all the topics above and appropiate. I will try to answer all questions asked. The Mailbag will be posted every Sunday. I know I am cutting it short this week with only two days, but I get impatiant. Thank you!

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