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David Ortiz

First off, sorry there was no mailbag this week, I’ll get back to it Sunday!


OK, this is really getting on my nerves. Enough is enough. David Ortiz is not going to break out of this slump. He’s old, Francona. Deal with it. He looks really bad up there. 3-22, hitting only .136, with 11 strikeouts. That’s not good. My plan: I would not bench Ortiz right now, I agree with Francona, it is too early for that. I woud, however, play Mike Lowell vs any lefty, period. Starting Thursday, where the Red Sox face Fransisco Liriano. Even Jeremy Hermida may be a better option at this point.

The Bullpen. I would send Ramon Rameriz to Pawtucket right away. I don’t know his option situation, but DFA him, whatever. Fernando Cabrera and Joe Nelson would be much better options. I thought the Red Sox had the gmae locked up yesterday, I was even starting my BestBostonSports.com game recap. Then Rameriz served one up to Guillen. He has nothing! No fastball, changeup sucks, hanging curveball, no location, he walks too many guys… Manny Delcarmen can go too. I’ll wait and see how he does the rest of this month, but I’m not his biggest fan in general, so my leash is short. I would not worry about Daniel Bard. I just hate the way the Red Sox use him. He should not of pitched to Rick Ankeil that night. He’s not great vs lefties, and Jose Gullien, and big strikeout guy, is on deck. It seemed simple to me. Also, screw the changeup. You can throw 100 MPH! He should have blown Nick Swisher away that at-bat, not thrown a 0-2 changeup. That’s just dumb.

Red Sox-Twins at 1:00 today.


Total Bases is Still Here

Sorry I have not wrote in a while, it’s been a busy week. I’ll catch you up with everything.

Red Sox: I was at Red Sox games on Monday, Wednesday, and Today. Monday they played the Tampa Bay Rays. Boof Bonser pitched, and got pretty roughed up. The minor leaguers came back, and Ray Chang hit a three run homer. I got an autograph from Terry Francona. Wednesday the Red Sox played the Pirates, and the Red Sox won. I got a ball from Jorge Jimmenez, my second of the spring, the other being from Victor Martinez. Today I saw John Lackey pitch vs the Orioles. He looked pretty sharp. I got an autograph from Dave Trembly.

Mike Lowell fowled a ball off his knee and left the game Friday. I expect this gives the Red Sox an excuse to put him on the DL. If that’s the case, expect Josh Reddick to make the roster.

Bruins: The Bruins won Tuesday night in Atlanta, a huge win. They laid an egg Thursday vs Tampa Bay, and won 5-0 vs Calgary today. Bergeron, Chara, Seidenberg, krejci and Recchi scored today. The Bruins hold a 4 point cushion for the playoffs and move to seventh place with the Flyers losing. The Thrashers play Carolina tonight.

Marc Savard spoke with the media today for the first time since being injured from a hit by Matt Cooke. He said that Cooke has tried to talk to him, but he does not want to talk to Cooke. I am hearing that Savard could return with a deep playoff run by the Bruins.

Vladimir Sobotka returned to game action today while Andrew Ference, just signed to a three year contract (for whatever reason) sat out with yet another injury.

Celtics: The Celtics lost to the Utah Jazz on Monday, while beating the Nuggets Wednesday and the Knigs last night to clinch the Atlantic divison. The Hawks lost to the 76ers, so the Celtics rank ahead of them by one game.

Kendrick Perkins missed last night’s game with a knee injury, and is expected to miss tomorrows vs San Antonio.

Blazers: The Boston Blazers play the last place Philadelphia Wings tonight. If Toronto loses to the Titans tonight, the Blazers with a win could move into second place all alone.


The Mailbag will be Monday. I am in Ft.Myers tomorrow. I will be in Port Charlotte Tuesday, and Sarasota again Wednesday to end my Red Sox spring schedule. I will be in Clearwater Thursday to see the Phillies and the Pirates.



This is a sick play. Maybe this Beltre guy will work out after all. He made this play in Spring Training last night. I like the Beltre pickup for the contract. I was worried that they would sign him to a ridiculous five year contract or something. That would have been dumb. But, hopefully they keep Mike Lowell around for a while, in case my Beltre worries come true. I do expect around 20 homers from him in Fenway.

Game Log; March 14-16

Over the last three days, I have been to
three different Spring Training games in three different
ballparks. I was in Ft. Myers to see Red Sox-Twins, than at
City of Palms Park, also in Ft. Myers for Red Sox-Orioles. I
capped it off today with Red Sox-Astros. The Red Sox won the
first game, with Ryne Miller getting the start over Josh
Beckett, who was ill. Miller got rocked pretty hard. But, he
is just a single-A player. Aaron Bates, my player to watch
this spring, (Last year it was Jeff Bailey) doubled and
scored in the game. I pick a player every spring to watch,
this year it’s Bates and Josh Reddick. Reddick homered in the
home game vs the Orioles. Tim Wakefield pitched that game,
and was pretty shaky. David Ortiz also homered. Mike Lowell
made his spring debut, to an aplauding crowd. Rumor says that
Marlins scouts where in the crowd to watch the newly
converted first baseman. Today in Kissimee, the Red Sox lost
3-0 to the Astors and Roy Oswalt. Jon Lester pitched for
Boston, and looked good. The only negitive of his outing was
a run scoring on a wild pitch. Bates came up as the tying rin
in the ninth vs Wesley Wright, but grounded out to shortstop.
My next game is in Bradenton on Friday to see the Red Sox
play the Pirates.

Total Bases Mailbag: 1

Hello Total Bases veiwers, and welcome to the first and much anticapted Total Bases mailbag!

Q: Is this the last year that Garnet, Peirce and Ray Allen stay together? It seems that age is starting to take it’s toll on the team. Also, Where would you rather have Victor: first or at catcher?
– Indians

A: Hello Indains, thank you for your questions! Yes, I would expect this is the last year of the big three. Allen was in trade rumors this deadline, and with his money coming of the books with players like Wade and Bosh avaliable. The Celtics do look very old as of late. I think Rasheed Wallace is a huge problem for this team, and I never wanted him here.

I would rather have Victor at catcher, mostly beacuse the Sox have Youkilis at first. He could play third, but that would mean they would have Varitek as a starter. Having Beltre in the lineup much improves the team compared to V-Tek. I also don’t think Victor’s defense is that terrible. He can catch Wake’s knuckleball, and has helped Buchholz a lot with his development.

Q: Does it worry you that the Celtics split with the Cavs, got swept by the Hawks, and lost the season series to the Magic this year? And also, how old do you think Mike Lowell will be when he retires? The guy is a horse.


A: It worries me a lot. The Hawks are a great team, and I can easily see them go all the way. The Celtics are an old team at this point. They are still one of the best teams in the NBA, but they could struggle with a team like Miami or Charlote in the playoffs. Hell, they lost to the Nets yesterday!

Mike Lowell is 36 right now. I can see him play two or three more years, maybe more. I still think he is a productive player, and I would love to see a Lowell/Ortiz platoon for DH. I don’t think his defense is that bad right now either. He has lost a little range, and that hip is a concern, but he can still get to most balls.

Thank you everybody who answered questions! The next mailbag will be Sunday, and you can submit questions on this post or on the BestBostonSports.com Message Boards. On Wednesday I will have a live post for the NHL trading deadline, and anyone is welcome to add their imut there as well. Thanks again, everybody!

This Lineup is Good

Look at the lineup in-dapth. It is not that terrible. It does not compare to the Yankees, I understand that. Maybe not even to other teams. But this lineup can win 95 games, I think. Take a look.

CF Jacoby Ellsbury: 70 base stealer, entering the prime of his career. He can hit .300, maybe more. He causes havic on the bases and helps hitters behind him. I don’t think Dustin pedroia would be as good without him, as he sees more fastballs with Ellsbury on base due the threat of a steal.

2B Dustin Pedroia: An MVP and .300 hitter, he will drive in from 70-80 runs and have an OBP around .370.

C Victor Martinez: .300 hitter that will give you 20-30 HRs and drive in 80-100 runs as well as a good OBP.

1B Kevin Youkilis: 20-30 HRs and .280-.320 hitter. Good for 100 RBIs and an OBP aroun .400.

DH David Ortiz: Can hit the ball out of the park at any time.

3B Mike Lowell: 20-25 HRs and will hit aroun .290. Will drive in about 80 runs and get the clutch hits.

RF JD Drew: About 20 HRs and maybe a .280 BAA. Will drive in some runs and will take the walk and get on base often, as well as getting a few clutch hits.

LF Mike Cameron: Line drive hitter that will hit 20-30 HRs and hit around .260. Won’t drive in too many runs but can steal a few bases and score quite a bit.

SS Marco Scutaro: Good OBP guy and can hit it out of the park once and a while. Cna steal bases and score runs.

Where’s My Panic Button?!?

Sorry I have not been here in a while, I’ve been too busy trying to find my panic button. What in the world are the Red Sox doing? Jason Bay’s looking for other options, they are trying to trade Mike Lowell, and they want Adrian Beltre? What’s their plan?

 On the Lowell front, this still might not happen. The Texas Rangers are really worried about his thumb. I so hope this deal does not get through, it is so dumb. I like Lowell as our third baseman, his defense is good enough. You can always use him as a platoon DH anyways. And, in case you forgot, this is a contract year! Don’t be surprised if his hip becomes magicly better.

 Red Sox, and Theo Epstein. Just. Sign. Jason. Bay. Just give him what he wants! A fifth year! Load the contract so it pays him now, and decreases later in the contract. Use him as a DH, he can hit! Just sign him before the Angels or Cubs do. Look out for the Cubs in this. They may end up a player in all this.

 Dear Theo, you idiot. You could have ended the revolving door shortstop thing last offseason. But no. You would not pay the money for Micheal Young’s contract, and all year you had to deal with Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie, who is a bench player. If you just got Micheal Young, we would not be in this mess. Instead, we get Marco Scutaro.


Signed, Total Bases.