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Friday Sports Recap

OK, as baseball season approaches, us at Total Bases hope to start writing daily. There is a chance the blog moves to a new address, but that is still up in the air.

Main point is, I will continue to write about Boston sports with some national news also. Hopefully I can be at some live events for you too. But for lacrosse stuff, read inlaxwetrust.com



The Boston Bruins blew their second straight game after leading by two goals with a 4-2 loss to the New York Islanders. This is the first time the Bruins lost in regulation after leading by two goals. They have three OT losses, one to Montreal and two to Buffalo. Zdeno Chara and Nathan Horton scored for the Bruins. Look for full recap tomorrow.


Meanwhile, the Celtics also lost to the Philadelphia 76ers, their second straight loss after Wednesday’s loss to the LA Clippers. The Celtics were down most of the game, and made a nice little comeback in the fourth, only to blow it. Will probably also have a recap of this also.


In other relevant scores, The Washington Capitals defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, 2-1. The win keeps the Caps in second overall in the east. As I write this, the Ottawa Senators are leading the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in the third.


As far as spring training goes, the Red Sox split their split squad games. They lost 3-2 to the Minnesota Twins, while Jon Lester pitched a good game and Jonathan Papelbon struggled. They did defeat the Houston Astros, 9-3. Kyle Weiland got the win for Boston, and Brett Myers took the loss.


Meanwhile, the NFLPA decertified. Shocker. So we miss out. Does the MLL take advantage of this? We will have an article up on ILWT at some point on this.


So to all our loyal followers still here, thanks for sticking around, you will see more action hopefully. Maybe some more youtube videos too.


Monday Sports Recap- 4/26

Here is your sports recap from yesterday:

Boston scores to note:

The Bruins defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 to clinch a trip to the next round. David krejci scored two goals, while the other goals came from Mark Recchi and Miroslav Satan. The Bruins were up 2-0 in the second before a Dennis Wideman turnover gave the Sabres a goal. The Bruins scored later in the period to extend their lead to two, but Buffalo scored 22 seconds later. Satan scored his goal in the third period, and Buffalo scored with their goalie pulled. In the end, the Bruins held on for the win.


The Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays, 13-12. The Sox jumped out to a 5-0 on Dana Eveland, but Josh Beckett could not hold the lead and was pulled after 3+ innings. Jason Varitek was the hero of the night with four RBIs and three hits.


The Montreal Canadiens beat the Washington Capitals, 4-1. Jaroslav Halak made 53 saves for the Habs, pushing the Caps to the brink. Game seven will be tomorrow night. Mike Camalleri scored twice for the Habs.

Other Scores:

The Orlando Magic beat the Charlote Bobcats, finishing off their sweep.

The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Nashville Predators, advancing to the next round.

The Milwakee Bucks beat the Atlanta Hawks, tying up that series.

News and Notes:

* Peter Charelli said that Marc Savard has been cleared to play

* The Red Sox sent down Scott Atchison in favor of Fabio Castro

* The Lakers have a lot of work at their hands

* The Jets are already after Thomas

* Does Roethlinsberger have head problems?


Tonights Games:

Red Sox @ Blue Jays

Heat @ Celtics

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Mailbag Update

The Total Bases weekly Mailbag will be answered on Saturday instead of Sunday this week. I will be in Ft. Myers Sunday and Monday to see the Red Sox play the Twins and Orioles, and will not be able to answer questions. Get in your questions here if you have not already about the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Pats, Pawsox, or their sports. Thank You!

– Total Bases

Total Bases Mailbag: 2

Here is the second edition of the Total Bases Mailbag. Sorry it came so late, as I was at the Red Sox game today!

Q: When will Bill Simmons be answering questions?

I kid. I kid.

How do you feel watching your Celtics limp the playoffs?


A: Thanks for the question Shaun, and no, Bill Simmons will not be here, haha. I am concerned about the Celtics. But KG and Pierce look healthy again, along with Ray finally shooting again. I know they will get by the first round, but I’m worried for when they have to face the Hawks or Cavs.

Q: What do you think of the Cleveland Indians this year?

Do they pose a threat to the Central or not? Don’t let up on the answer either, it is your opinion.

And how do you think the Red Sox will fair this year?


A: Hey Ted! Honestly, I don’t see the Indians going anywhere for a while. I like their outfield a lot, and their offense, but they need more pitching to make noise. I can see a team like the Royals surprising a lot in the Central.

I like the Red Sox more than a lot of people. I love the rotation, offense, and defense, plus their minor league depth. They have guys like Bates and Reddick who can step in if needed. It’ll be a fun year.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, the mailbag will return again next Sunday. Submit your questions here or at the Best Boston Sports .com message boards. Remember, anything Red Sox, Celtics, Pats, Bruins or their leagues. Any Minor League questions as well.

Total Bases Mailbag

Welcome to the first edition of the Total Bases Mailbag! Here I will answer all your questions on the Red Sox, Pawsox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, MLB, MILB, NFL, NHL, or NBA. To submit your question or comment, comment on this post or on the Mailbag thread on the BestBostonSports Message Boards, which is on the Home Page. You can ask as many questions as you want, so long as they are relavant to all the topics above and appropiate. I will try to answer all questions asked. The Mailbag will be posted every Sunday. I know I am cutting it short this week with only two days, but I get impatiant. Thank you!

-Total Bases/BestBostonSports.com Owner

NFL Playoffs

Ok, the NFL season is now over for many teams. But not the Patriots, or 11 others. The playoffs begin with Wild Card weekend next week, and here are some playoff matchups.


Saturday 1:00 pm: Jets at Bengals- Bengals trump the Jets. Period. Sanchez will not get it done. And the Bengals did not give away any stradegy Sunday night. I think they will win by at least a touchdown. But don’t tell Rex Ryan, beacuse according to him there “Is a new dynasty in NY”

Saturday 8:00 pm: Eagles at Cowboys- I have a tough time saying that the ‘Boys will beat the Eagles again. But this QB matchup is so confusing. McNabb and Romo can blow it any time. But I think the Cowboys defense is better and they win a tight one.

Sunday 1:00 pm: Ravens at Patriots- It’s gonna be tough without Welker. But I think the Pats can still be dangerous. Edelman looked good Sunday. But this defense is a tough one. Without Welker now, the Ravens defense has it easier. I still think the Pats win a close game without much scoring.

Sunday 4:40 pm: Packers at Cardinals- This matchup intrigues me the most. Either of these teams can win the Super Bowl. I say the Packers pull it out though. Aaron Rodgers has impressed me.

Contenders and Pretenders- NFL Teams

Here is this week’s Contenders and Pretenders

Patriots: Contenders- Call me biased. But I think if the Pats get in, they can cause serious damage. Hard to call a team with Tom Brady a pretender.

Colts & Saints: Contenders- Do I even have to post this? If a 13-0 team was a pretender then that would be odd.

Bengals: Pretenders- Just don’t see them making it that far into the playoffs. I can see a team like the Patriots or Chargers handling him. Should learn more about them this week vs. San Diego.

Chargers: Contenders- Chargers are good man. Look out for them. They are finally healthy, and have as good as a RB combo as any in the NFL with LT and Darren Sproles.

Steelers: Pretenders- They lost to Cleveland.

Ravens: Contenders- I think they might get a Wild Card spot. They may be dangerous with that defense. I think Ed Reed being hurt has hampered them, along with Terrel Suggs.

Dolphins: Contenders- They beat the Patriots, but lost to the Bills. But Miami can be a tricky team. I think Chad Henne is the real deal. But that defense is not so great.

Jaguars: Prentenders- I just can’t see Jacksonville going any where. Now beat the Colts tonight.

Broncos: Prentenders- They’ll make it. But they won’t beat San Diego or New England in round one. Maybe Cincy, but they’re not going anywhere.

Vikings: ?- Tough one. They are 10-2 and have a great defense, but Brett Favre will screw up sometime, Like in the NFC championship game, just like in 2007.

Packers: Pretenders- They won’t cut it. They’re O-line is killing Aaron Rodgers. No chance.

Eagles: Contenders- I think they got this divison. They can cause some serious damage.

Giants: Contenders- Look out for the G-men. They still have a good defense.

Cowboys: Pretenders- Tony Romo stinks, period.

Falcons: Pretenders- With Ryan and Turner out, Atlanta has problems.


Wild Card: Cardinals- This is a tough team. They beat the Vikings but lost to the 49ers. But they can be a tough playoff opponent.


 Next week: NHL teams