A look back at predictions

On Opening Day, I made a lot of predictions. Let’s see how those are doing:

AL East winner: Red Sox: Not great so far, but it’s early.

AL Central Winner: Twins : This pick looks ok.

AL West winner: Mariners: Ummm…

AL Wild Card: Yankees: This pick has not blown up in my face yet

NL East winner: Phillies: They’ll get in, I’m not worried about the Phillies.

NL Central Winner: Cardinals: So far, so good.

NL West winner: Rockies: OK so far. Behind the Padres, but that won’t last

NL Wild Card: Braves: I have nothing to say about this.

AL MVP: Evan Longoria: Not MVP numbers yet, but on a team like the Rays this could very well happen.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols: What can I say? He’s Pujols.

AL Cy Young: Jon Lester: So far, so bad. But it can happen. Lester has had two nice starts in a row.

NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay: Right now you have to give it to Tim Lincecum or Ublado Jimmenez, but Halladay can still get it.

AL ROY: Brian Matusz: Right now this award would go to Austin jackson.

NL ROY: Jason Heyward: He’s been good, but hard to give it to anyone but Jamie Garcia right now.

AL Comeback player: Andruw Jones: This is looking good.

NL CBP: Manny Rameriz: Meh, right now I guess it would go to Kelly Johnson.



  1. wssoxfan

    what up dude. just checkin in. still keepin the faith i see. wish i could be a glass half full kinda guy with this group but like i said from the start i just don’t see it. not their fault. theo never gave em a legit shot really. i’ll keep watchin and hoping but with the next 13 against det., NY, TB, Minn, and Philly and 11 of em on the road. wow. that rough start is really gonna bite em in the but i’m afraid. they’ll do well to be within 10 by the end of the month.

  2. TotalBases

    Hey, sorry I haven’t been writing here in a while, I’ve been very busy with other blogs. But I plan on putting up an article soon.
    This will be a tough road trip, but the Sox had a good homestand that got them back into it at the least. I think Minnesota and Detroit will be beatable, but Philadelphia, New York, and Tampa Bay will be tough. The pitching has been better of late, with Jon Lester looking like himself again and Clay Buchholz stepping up. I;ve liked John Lackey (excluding his last start) and Matsuzaka and Wakefiled looked fine their last starts. I’m worried about Beckett, that contract was a mistake. I expect we’ll see him on the DL at any point now. Cameron and Ellsbury will be back, and I think that will help the team. But offense has not been the problem, they are third in the AL in runs scored. Ortiz has been hitting a little bit now, and JD Drew has gotten hot. So things should still be interesting.

  3. wssoxfan

    i’ll admit TO THIS POINT this offense has been a bit of a surprise but they’ve played a ton of home games and they are usually much better at fenway. thier run differential is hideous. but i think as the season goes along the pitching will continue to get better and the offense will slide a little. it’ll help to get ells back so scutaro can back to 9th. cameron is a non-factor. in fact i’d rather see them play hermieda in LF and put ells back in center but that won’t happen. i dont mind the beckett deal. he’ll figure it out plus he’s been as good and as durable as lackey so why not? this trip will really tell a great deal about this team IMO. they miss verlander in det. and cc and aj in NY so if they can pile up a few wins early it’s gonna be a long one. still hoping for the a-gonz trade but aint gonna happen. SD is too competitive in a horrible NL west. besides i dont think theo would pull the trigger anyway. i

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