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Hello Offseason: Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs…. That’s all I have to say, and you know what I’m talking about. The Cubs, who have not won the World Series in over 100 years. But at the same time, the Cubs seem like lovable losers. Despite their losing ways, I have not met someone who did not like the Cubs, or Wrigley Field. It’s time they won the World Series….. But it won’t be this year…. Or the next.

The Cubs have a weird pitching situation. I go to their depth chart to see their rotation to write this, and two pitchers in their rotation have started less than 7 games. Well, why is that? For one thing, Carlos Silva got hurt. So I’ll talk about him first. Silva was having an OK year, I mean, better than last year. In 21 games started he went 10-6 with a 4.22 ERA and a 1.27 WHIP. Those are pretty respectable numbers. I’m sure you are waiting to hear about Carlos Zambrano now, and he had good numbers, believe it or not. In 36 games, 20 started, he had a 3.33 ERA and went 11-6. Randy Wells, coming off a good rookie year, struggled a little more this season. He posted an ERA of 4.26, and a WHIP of 1.40. Ryan Dempster had a good season, with a3.85 ERA.

Three interesting pitchers on the Cubs staff are Jeff Samardzija, Thomas Diamond, and Andrew Cashner. Samardzija was up for only seven games, and started three. He was successful in those outings, with an ERA of 8.38. Diamond, one of the top prospects of Chicago, Started three games, 17 in the bullpen, with an ERA of 6.83. Cashner had a 4.80 ERA in 53 bullpen appearances.

It has widely been argued if the Cubs handled these pitchers right. Cashner, at 24 years old, was he ready to be called up? And Diamond, is shifting him from starting to the bullpen a good idea? Same with Samardzija. The Cubs handling of these pitchers will impact them long term.

Time to review the rest of the Cubs bullpen. Sean Marshall had a good year, with a 2.85 ERA. James Russel did not have as much success, with a 4.96 in 57 games. Justin Berg had an ERA of 5.18. Carlos Marmol had another solid year at closer, with and ERA of 2.55 in 77 games. So as a whole the bullpen does not look great, but solid individual performances out of Marshall, and Marmol can help this team going forward.

After trading Derek Lee, Chicago had Xavier Nady starting at first base. In 119 games, he hit .256 with 6 home runs. Certainly below average for a first baseman, but I cannot imagine him being in Chicago long term. Blake DeWitt, acquired frok the Dodgers, started at second for Chicago. He hit .261 with five home runs. Aramis Rameriz got his power back, hitting 25 home runs, but hit only .241. The biggest bright spot of the Cubs this year, however, is Starlin Castro. Castro hit exactly .300, with an OBP of .347. He certainly seems to have a raw hitting ability, and will be the Cubcs shortstop going forward.

In the outfield, The Cubs seem pretty solid in center and left. But it’s their right fielder they may have a problem with. Kosuke Fukodome. They have been trying to trade him for a while, and will try again this offseason. However, he may have helped his stock. Fukodome hit .263 with 13 home runs and 42 RBIs. Marlon Byrd, who was signed as a free agent out of Texas, lived up to expectations hitting .293 with 12 home runs and 63 RBIs. But the real story is Tyler Colvin. Colvin and Alfonso Soriano split playing time in left field, and Colvin came out superior, hitting 20 home runs in his rookie season.

So the positions on this Cubs team that seem like locks are Byrd, Colvin, Castro, and Geovany Soto at catcher. Is DeWitt their long term second baseman? How long is Rameriz really going to stay around. When will the Cubs win it all?


Opening Day Predictions

I made my before-Spring Training predictions, here are my Opening Day Season predictions. Plus, check out the player to watch feature which gives you a player to watch on each team during the reaguler season.


AL East      Player to watch:

Boston Red Sox   (Jacoby Ellsbury)

New York Yankees  (Marcus Thames)

Tampa Bay Rays  (Ben Zobrist)

Baltimore Orioles  (Nolan Reimold)

Toronto Blue Jays  (Adam Lind)


AL Central

Minnesota Twins  (Orlando Hudson)

Chicago White Sox  (Jake Peavy)

Kansas City Royals  (Rick Ankeil)

Detroit Tigers  (Austin Jackson)

Cleveland Indians  (Micheal Brantly)


AL West

Seattle Mariners  (Chone Figgins)

Anaheim Angels  (Kendry Morales)

Texas Rangers  (Neftali Feliz)

Oakland Athletics  (Brett Anderson)


NL East

Philadelphia Phillies  (Jayson Werth)

Atlanta Braves  (Jason Heyward)

Florida Marlins  (Mike Stanton)

Washington Nationals  (Nyjer Morgan)

New York Mets  (Kiko Calero)


NL Central

St.Louis Cardinals (Colby Rasmus)

Chicago Cubs  (Randy Wells)

Cincinatti Reds  (Aroldis Chapman)

Milwakee Brewers  (Alcades Escobar)

Houston Astros  (Hunter Pence)

Pittsburgh Pirates  (Garrett Jones)


NL West

Colorado Rockies  (Jason Hammel)

Los Angeles Dodgers  (Clayton Kershaw)

San Fransisco Giants  (Madison Bumgarner)

Arizona D-backs  (Justin Upton)

San Diego Padres  (Clayton Richard)



1.  Evan Longoria

2. Joe Mauer

3. Kendry Morales


1. Albert Pujols

2. Chase Utley

3. Ryan Braun

AL Cy Young

1. Jon Lester

2. Cliff Lee

3. Zack Greinke

NL Cy Young

1. Roy Halladay

2. Chris Carpenter

3. Tim Lincecum


1. Brain Matusz

2. Austin Jackson

3. Desmond Jennings


1. Jason Heyward

2. Mike Stanton

3. Madison Bumgarner


1. Don Wakamtsu

2. Ron Gardenhire

3. Joe Maddon


1. Bobby Cox

2. Tony LaRusa

3. Freddi Gonzalez

AL Comeback Player

Andruw Jones

NL Comeback Player

Manny Rameriz


Wild Cards:




Those are my predicitions. My Internationl League predictions will be sometime next week.

MLB Season Predictions


AL East:

New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox

Tampa Bay Rays

Baltimore Orioles

Toronto Blue Jays


AL Central:

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox

Kansas City Royals

Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians


AL West:

Seattle Mariners

Anaheim Angels

Texas Rangers

Oakland A’s


NL East:

Philadelphia Phillies

Florida Marlins

Atlanta Braves

Washington Nationals

New York Mets


NL Central:

St.Louis Cardinals

Chicago Cubs

Cincinatti Reds

Milwakee Brewers

Houston Astros

Pittsburgh Pirates


NL West:

LA Dodgers

Colorado Rockies

San Fransisco Giants

Arizona Diamondbacks

San Diego Padres


AL MVP Top 3:

Evan Longoria- Rays

Joe Mauer- Twins

Kendry Morales- Angels


Red Sox MVP:

Jacoby Ellsbury


AL Cy Young Top 3:

Jon Lester- Red Sox

Zack Greinke- Royals

Cliff Lee- Mariners


Red Sox Cy Young:



NL MVP Top 3:

Albert Pujols- Cardinals

Jayson Werth- Phillies

Ryan Braun- Brwers


NL CY Youn Top 3:

Josh Johnson- Marlins

Tim Lincecum- Giants

Carlos Zambrano- Cubs



Desmond Jennings- Rays



Jason Heyward- Braves


Bold Predictions:

The Baltimore Orioles will compete with the Rays for the #3 spot in the AL East

The Royals will have a record around .500

Mike Cameron will hit 25 HRs

The Reds will finish over .500

The Blue Jays will have the second worst record in baseball, ahead of only the Mets

I will be right about at least one thing here(I told you, bold predictions)

Where’s My Panic Button?!?

Sorry I have not been here in a while, I’ve been too busy trying to find my panic button. What in the world are the Red Sox doing? Jason Bay’s looking for other options, they are trying to trade Mike Lowell, and they want Adrian Beltre? What’s their plan?

 On the Lowell front, this still might not happen. The Texas Rangers are really worried about his thumb. I so hope this deal does not get through, it is so dumb. I like Lowell as our third baseman, his defense is good enough. You can always use him as a platoon DH anyways. And, in case you forgot, this is a contract year! Don’t be surprised if his hip becomes magicly better.

 Red Sox, and Theo Epstein. Just. Sign. Jason. Bay. Just give him what he wants! A fifth year! Load the contract so it pays him now, and decreases later in the contract. Use him as a DH, he can hit! Just sign him before the Angels or Cubs do. Look out for the Cubs in this. They may end up a player in all this.

 Dear Theo, you idiot. You could have ended the revolving door shortstop thing last offseason. But no. You would not pay the money for Micheal Young’s contract, and all year you had to deal with Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie, who is a bench player. If you just got Micheal Young, we would not be in this mess. Instead, we get Marco Scutaro.


Signed, Total Bases.

Winter Meetings

As most of you probally know, the Winter Meetings in Indianappolis begin on Monday. Most of the time little to noting happens, but you never know. Here is a list of what you may see happen this week.

  • Jason Bay’s destanation: I feel that Jason Bay may sign this week, possibly with Boston, Anaheim, or Seattle. I feel the Red Sox LF problem will be resolved, whether that be from Jason Bay or a possible platoon with Jeremy Hermida and Xavier Nady. I feel Bay’s chance of signing with Seattle has dimmed with their siging of Chone Figgins. Look out for the Cubs as a sleeper here as well.
  • Trades? Some players that may be used as a trade chip: Manny Delcarmen, Casey Kotchman, Gary Matthews Jr, Matt Capps, Fransisco Cordero, Heath Bell, Milton Bradley, Pat Burrell, Josh Willingham. The Mets are in on Willingham, the Marlins with Bell and Delcarmen, and you all know the Rays-Bradley rumor by now.
  •  Spenders Revealed: This week the major free agent spenders may be revealed. I can see Seattle, Boston, Both New York teams, Baltimore, and Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are looking for a closer, and their name has been conected to Mike Gonzlaez, matt Capps, and Matt Lindstrom. Baltimore is belived to be a serious contender for John Lackey, and Jason Marquis is interested in the Mets, though it is unknown if the Mets are interested in him.
  • Recent Trades and Signings: Some recent trades and sigings that mey affect other deals: The Rays aquired C Kelly Shoppach, Greg Zaun signed with the Brewers, The Braves signed Billy Wagner and Takashi Saito, The Athletics traded for Jake Fox and Aaron Miles, The Rangers aquired Joe Inglett off waivers, and the Red Sox signed Marco Scutaro.

MLB Free Agent Signings: Starting Pitchers

Here is a list of every MLB free agent signing to this point. You can also see this list at Soxtime.com. I will update this with every signing.

Name:                        Position         Old Team        Rumored teams:          Signed with:         $:

Erik Bedard              SP               Seattle        Boston, Baltimore

Paul Byrd                  SP               Boston        None 

Aroldis Chapman   SP               Cuba            Boston, NYY   

Jose Contreas       SP              Colorado      Colorado

Doug Davis              SP              Arizona         Milwakee

Justin Duchscher  SP             Oakland         Oakland, Boston, CHC

Kelvim Escobar      SP             Anaheim        Boston

Jon Garland            SP             Los Angeles  Baltimore, Anaheim

Mike Hampton       SP             Houston           Atlanta

Rich Harden           SP             CHC                  Boston, Seattle

Livan Herndandez SP            Washington    Washington

Randy Johnson      SP          San Fransisco   None

John Lackey         SP            Anaheim            Boston, Texas, Baltimore, Anaheim

Brandon Looper  SP           Milwakee            Milwakee

Jason Marquis     SP          Colorado             NYM

Pedro Martinez    SP          Philadelphia       Philadelphia

Brett Myers          SP          Philadelphia       NYY, Boston

Vincente Padilla   SP         Los Angeles      Houston

Carl Pavano          SP         Minnesota          Minnesota

Brad Penny          SP         San Fransisco    San Fransisco

Andy Pettitte       SP          NYY                      NYY

Joel Pinero          SP        St. Louis               St.Louis, Boston, Seattle

Ben Sheets          SP       Milwakee              Boston, NYY, Texas

John Smoltz        SP       St.Louis                St.Loius, Texas

Jarrod Washburn SP     Detroit                   Seattle

Todd Wellemeyer SP   St.Louis                 None

Randy Wolf              SP  Los Angeles        LA, Texas, Atlanta




Type A’s and B;s

Here is all the type A and B players, who can be offered Arbitration today.

Type As: Bengie Molina SFG  Billy Wagner  BOS  Chone Figgins LAA  Darren Oliver LAA  Jason Bay BOS Jermaine Dye CWS  John Lackey LAA  Johnny Damon NYY  Jose Valverade HOU  Kevin Gregg CHC  LaTroy Hawkins HOU  Marco Scutaro TOR  Randy Wolf LAD  Matt Holliday STL  Miguel Tejada HOU  Mike Gonzalez ATL  Octavio Dotel CWS  Orlando Cabrera MIN  Orlando Hudson LAD  Placido Polonco DET  Rafeal Betancourt COL  Rafeal Soriano ATL 

Type Bs: Adam LaRouche PIT  Adrian Beltre SEA  Andy Pettitte NYY  Bob Howry SFG  Brandon Looper MIL  Brandon Lyon DET  Brain Giles SDP  Brain Shouse TBR  Carl Pavano MIN  Carlos Delgado NYM  Chan Ho Park PHI  David Weathers MIL  Doug Brocail  HOU  Doug Davis ARI  Erik Bedard SEA  Felipe Lopez  MIL  Fernando Rodney DET  Fernando Tatis NYM  Garret Anderson ATL  Greg Zaun TBR  Ivan Rodriguez TEX  Jason Kendell MIL  Jason Marquis COL  Joe Beimial COL  Joel Pinero STL  Jon Garland LAD  Justin Duchester OAK  Mark DeRosa STL  Marlon Byrd TEX  MFelvin Mora BAL  Miguel Olivo KCR  Mike Cameron SEA  Nick Johnson FLA  Randy Johnson  SFG  Randy Winn SFG  RIch Harden CHC Rod Barjas TOR  Ronnie Belliard LAD  Russ Springer TBR  Scott Eyre PHI  Tory Glaus STL  Vincente Padilla LAD  Vladimir Gurerro LAA  Xavier Nady NYY  Yorvit Torrealba COL